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A whole day of shopping is time consuming task. If you do shopping through freedom club app / web portal so you will find a lot of special prices and offers and get 100% asli money back on every shopping, so get the right place for you.


Freedom club E-wallet makes your lifestyle chic. This can include purchasing items online with a computer or using a smart phone to purchase something at stores. You can use e-wallet to make all your payments for all your purchases.

Online bill payments

Using freedom club app just in few steps you can successfully do a transaction and pay your bills and get 100% Cash back. Freedom club makes paying bills even simpler. Freedom club brings for you offline/online recharge and bill payment.


Millions of people every year buy Insurance Policies without understanding. They are usually told just a few things to sell the insurance, but we ignite the long lost hope of leading a life without any worry with freedom club.

Hotel booking

We want to share an amazing experience with all Freedom Club’s users for Hotel Booking. Here at Freedom Club if you book any hotel, you will not only get best hotel booking offers but also 100% Cash back on hotel booking. Save time & money.

Travel booking

Want to spend time with family and friends on this beautiful planet. It takes seconds with freedom club to make your travel dream true So let’s move from daily routine to adventure. We have come up with a model to make your dreams reality.

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